How to fix cracked teeth
August 26, 2019

Cracked tooth

What causes a cracked tooth?

Most cracked teeth are caused by acute trauma – for example, a fall or a sports accident. In rarer cases, a crack can be caused by biting down too hard. People who suffer from bruxism (pathological grinding of the teeth) are at higher risk, especially if grinding occurs while asleep.

What can you do for a cracked tooth?

A cracked tooth must be restored with the help of a dentist. Minor cracks can be repaired using resin in a procedure called bonding. More serious cracks are protected with a crown, a prosthetic tooth “cap” made of porcelain or ceramic. If a cracked tooth is infected, it must be treated with a root canal or extraction. Prompt treatment is essential to avoid serious complications.

Can cracks in teeth heal?

Unlike most of the body’s other structures and tissues, tooth enamel does not heal. While enamel can be strengthened through appropriate care and diet, cracks in the tooth’s surface will not get better on their own. Dental treatment must be used to remedy the situation.

Should I worry about craze lines?

Craze lines are tiny cracks that emerge on the outer enamel of teeth. These lines are part of aging. People often mistake them for cavities, but a dentist can verify that they are normal and nothing to worry about. Ordinary craze lines do not make a cracked tooth more likely.

How do you fix a cracked tooth?

The best way to fix a cracked tooth depends on the severity of the condition. Most minor cracks can be repaired with resin, leaving no sign of the crack. When a crack is paired with other problems, such as discoloration, a crown may be the superior option. Aggressive treatments are reserved for situations where the tooth shows signs of infection.

How do you stop a cracked tooth from hurting?

The pain from a cracked tooth can be treated temporarily using over the counter numbing agents. Ice is also effective. Rinse out the mouth and carefully clean the damaged tooth after each meal to remove food debris and lessen pain. Be wary of over the counter products that claim to fix a broken tooth: Only professional care from a dentist is truly reliable in cases like these.

What happens if a broken tooth goes untreated?

Once a tooth is broken, it is much more likely to sustain further damage in the future. If a tooth breaks completely, the nerve can be exposed – this is extremely painful! Even if a broken tooth does not worsen over time, it is much more susceptible to infection than an ordinary tooth. Treatment is the only way to protect yourself from potentially serious consequences.

Is it a crack or a craze line?

Most healthy adult teeth have craze lines, which are extremely superficial and can be found most anywhere on the chewing surface of the tooth. A crack that requires dental care is deeper, easier to find with the tongue, and generally more centralized in its location.

Can craze lines turn into cracks?

No. Craze lines are superficial and do not make the tooth more susceptible to cracking.

Is a broken tooth a dental emergency?

A broken tooth should be treated as quickly as possible. If there is pain or bleeding, then you are facing a dental emergency. A dental emergency means you should seek care right away. Pain and discharge are signs that the situation may progress and become severe.

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