Dentists for Dental Crowns Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

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What are dental crowns?

If the top part of your tooth has become damaged and you are seeking affordable cosmetic or restorative treatment options, Ralph Avenue Dental Care offers high-quality dental crowns, also known as dental caps, in the Brooklyn, NY area. Dental crowns are cap-like structures that can be fixated atop damaged teeth to improve their overall appearance and health. Dental crowns are designed to match the natural appearance of your surrounding teeth, and with proper care, they can last for many years. There are many different types of dental crowns, both permanent and temporary, each being made of unique materials, such as:

  • Metal
  • Metal and porcelain
  • Stainless steel
  • All resin
  • Complete ceramic
  • Complete porcelain

Depending on the type of dental crown that you receive, quality and cost will vary. Speak with a dental expert today to learn more about the different types of available dental crowns and their cost, quality, and benefits.

Why are dental crowns used?

Dental crowns are used to help enhance the appearance of teeth, as well as restore or improve their structure and health. Uses for dental crowns may include:

What does the dental crown procedure involve?

The procedure for dental crowns involves your dentist placing a cap-like structure, known as a crown, atop the damaged tooth. The full procedure usually occurs over the course of two dental visits. Other procedure options may include same-day dental crowns.

During the first visit, your dentist may take X-rays of your tooth to assess the health of the tooth. If the tooth is in good health to receive a dental crown, your dentist will apply a numbing agent to the treatment area. Once the area is numb and you are relaxed, your dentist will carefully file down the affected tooth, making adequate space for the crown. If the tooth is severely worn down, instead of filing down the tooth, your dentist will use dental materials to help add needed support to the tooth. Next, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. The impressions are then sent to a lab where your custom dental crown will be made. Your dentist may place a temporary crown on the tooth until the permanent crown is ready.

Once your permanent crown is complete, you will return to the dental office for installation of the crown. If a temporary crown was placed on the tooth during your previous visit, it will be removed. Next, your dentist will temporarily place the finalized crown onto the affected tooth. If everything looks good and functions correctly, your dentist will numb the treatment area and permanently cement the crown to the tooth.

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

If your teeth have become damaged due to injury, aging, or other causes, dental crowns may offer the following benefits:

  • Improved appearance of smile
  • Maintenance of oral health
  • Long-lasting and permanent results
  • Prevention of future dental complications

If you are interested in dental crowns, our dental experts at Ralph Avenue Dental Care are here to provide you with trusted and affordable dental care. Here at our health-centered dentistry, we place a strong emphasis on getting to know each patient, as well as utilizing the most advanced technology and procedures in order to provide our patients with high-quality dental care. To learn more about dental crowns, call 718.531.0300 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.