Dentists for Dental Implants in Brooklyn, NY

Dentist showing teeth implants to a patient

What are dental implants?

When teeth are missing, it affects not only the appearance of your smile but also the health of your smile. Untreated missing teeth can lead to future complications, such as an impaired bite, jaw pain, and shifting of teeth. For patients seeking treatment options for missing teeth, Ralph Avenue Dental Care offers high-quality dental implants in the Brooklyn, NY area. A dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement treatment option for patients with one or more missing teeth. For patients with all teeth missing in the top jaw, bottom jaw, or both, full mouth dental implants are also available.

Why are dental implants used?

Dental implants are used to permanently replace a tooth or teeth that are missing to restore the appearance and health of your smile. For patients suffering from tooth loss due to injury, tooth decay, infection, aging, congenital abnormalities, or other causes, dental implants may be used to help:

  • Fill in gaps where teeth are missing
  • Improve the overall appearance of your smile
  • Prevent shifting of teeth
  • Maintain a healthy bite
  • Preserve surrounding oral structures

What does the dental implant procedure involve?

The procedure for a dental implant involves your dentist placing permanent tooth structures in places where teeth are missing. These structures are known as a base, connector, and crown.

In order to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for dental implants, you may first meet your dentist for a consultation session. During your consultation, your dentist will ask that you describe your dental concerns and goals. Your dentist will then perform an oral exam to assess the condition of your teeth and determine if dental implants are the best treatment option for your dental needs. Most often, healthy bone and gums will be needed to support the implant. If approved for dental implants, you will return to the dental office over the course of two or more dental visits for the implants to be placed. In some cases, one-day dental implants may also be an option.

To place the implant, the base will first be carefully inserted into the socket of the missing tooth. This structure will take the place of the tooth’s natural root. After the base is successfully placed, a few months may be required for proper healing, as well as for the jawbone and base to fuse together.

When the treated area heals, and when the base properly settles in the jawbone, your dentist can then place the connector atop the base. The connector, also known as an abutment, is the part of the implant that the crown/tooth replacement will attach to. In some cases, your dentist may install the base and connector within the same in-office visit.

For the final stages of the dental implant process, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. The impressions will be used to create your custom tooth, which, when ready, will be attached to the connector. To upkeep the quality of your new dental implants, appropriate dental hygiene and maintenance will be required.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

For patients with a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants may offer the following benefits:

  • Improved appearance of smile
  • Permanent replacement of missing teeth
  • Long-lasting results
  • Prevention of future dental complications

If you are interested in dental implants, our dental experts at Ralph Avenue Dental Care are here to provide you with trusted and affordable dental care. Here at our health-centered dentistry, we place a strong emphasis on getting to know each patient, as well as utilizing the most advanced technology and procedures in order to provide our patients with high-quality dental care. To learn more about dental implants, call 718.531.0300 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.