Dentists for Dentures in Brooklyn

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What are dentures?

If you live in the Brooklyn area and want to find one of the best places near you to get dentures, schedule a consultation with Ralph Avenue Dental Care, where our dentists aim to provide the best dental care and denture services in the Brooklyn area. A denture, which can be removable or permanent, is a dental device used to take the place of missing teeth. These dental devices are designed to match the overall look and feel of your natural teeth and come in a variety of materials, including plastic, porcelain, metal, and acrylic. Dentures not only improve the aesthetics of your smile, but they also help improve the health of your smile, helping to restore your natural bite and add needed volume and support to relating facial structures, such as the cheeks.  If only some teeth are missing, partial dentures are usually recommended, and if all teeth are missing, complete dentures are usually recommended.

Why are dentures used?

Dentures are used to help replace areas of the mouth where teeth are missing. Along with replacing missing teeth and improving the appearance of your smile, dentures may be used to:

  • Restore your natural bite
  • Alleviate speech impediments caused by the absence of teeth
  • Provide support to relating oral structures
  • Prevent the shifting of surrounding teeth

What does the process for receiving dentures involve?

In order to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for dentures, you may first meet your dentist for a consultation session. During your consultation, your dentist will ask that you describe your dental concerns and goals. Your dentist will then perform an oral exam to assess the condition of your teeth and determine if dentures are the best treatment option for your dental needs.

If approved for dental implants, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and relating structures. Your dentist will send the impressions out to a lab where a set of custom-made trial dentures will be produced. You will try as many trial models until the best possible look and fit is achieved. Once you and your dentist are satisfied with the trial model, a finalized version can be produced. When the final version of your oral device is complete, you will return to the dental office and your dentures will be fitted to your mouth. To ensure a comfortable fit, your dentist will make any necessary alterations to the device.

During the first few weeks of wearing your new dental device, time may be needed in order for you to adjust to the dentures. For example, initially, the dentures might seem loose. However, once your facial muscles and tongue develop a stronger hold, the dentures will feel better fitted. You may also experience slight irritation, as well as an increased production of saliva. These side effects should lessen over time. To maintain a good fit, repeat dental visits may be required so that your dentist can continue to make any needed adjustments to you dentures.

What are the benefits of dentures?

If you have one or more missing teeth, dentures may offer the following benefits:

  • Improved appearance and health of smile
  • Restored oral functions, e.g., chewing, talking
  • Restored appearance of facial structures
  • Prevention of future dental complications
  • Improved confidence

If you are interested in dentures, our dental experts at Ralph Avenue Dental Care are here to provide you with trusted and affordable dental care. Here at our health-centered dentistry, we place a strong emphasis on getting to know each patient, as well as utilizing the most advanced technology and procedures in order to provide our patients with high-quality dental care. To learn more about dentures, call 718.531.0300 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.