Dentists for Tooth-Colored Fillings in Brooklyn

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Brooklyn, NY

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Here at Ralph Avenue Dental Care, we offer tooth-colored dental fillings at an affordable cost for patients in the Brooklyn area. A filling is a dental method to help restore a tooth that has been damaged due to decay or trauma. This method involves your dentist removing damaged portions of the tooth and using a filling material to fill in the cavity/area where the tooth is missing. Fillings come in a variety of materials, such as amalgam/silver fillings and tooth-colored fillings. When comparing tooth-colored fillings vs. silver fillings, tooth-colored may offer certain benefits that you may prefer.

Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite resin, are made of silica fillers and plastic resins, which more closely match the natural color of the affected tooth. These fillings can be used to treat back teeth as well as front teeth and are highly durable, allowing them to handle the daily stresses placed on teeth during chewing. Along with their natural appearance and durability, tooth-colored fillings are safe, effective, and long-lasting. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of tooth-colored fillings, speak with one of our highly-qualified dental experts today.

Why are tooth-colored fillings used?

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Tooth-colored fillings, and fillings in general, are most commonly used to fill cavities. They may also be used to treat broken teeth or teeth that have been damaged due to teeth grinding. Because tooth-colored fillings match the natural color of teeth, they are often used as a treatment alternative to the more noticeable traditional silver filling.

Tooth-colored fillings procedure process

In order to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for tooth-colored fillings, you may first meet your dentist for a consultation session. During your consultation, your dentist will ask that you describe your dental concerns and goals. Your dentist will then perform an oral exam to assess the condition of your teeth and determine if tooth-colored fillings are the best treatment option for your dental needs. If approved for tooth-colored fillings, you will return to the dental office to receive your filling.

Before receiving your tooth-colored dental filling

Before receiving your filling, your dentist will first numb the treatment area, including your gums, teeth, and surrounding areas of skin. Once you are comfortable and relaxed, your doctor will begin the procedure, using dental appliances to gently remove the damaged area of tooth. Your dentist will also clean the area, removing any excess bacteria or debris.

Once the damaged portion of tooth is removed and the treatment site has been cleaned, your dentist will carefully fill the cavity with the filling material. Your dentist will then use light therapy to harden the tooth-colored filling. Once the composite material has hardened, your dentist will polish the tooth for a smooth finish.

Post tooth-colored dental filling procedure

Post-procedure, you may notice slight pain and sensitivity at the treatment site. This pain should subside within two to four weeks. To help maintain the future health of your teeth, your dentist may also discuss dental care routines for you to follow, such as flossing, twice-daily brushing, and using a mouth rinse. Additional dental visits may be recommended so that your doctor can review your treatment progress, as well as to provide regular dental cleanings.

Benfits of tooth-colored fillings

If you have a tooth that is chipped, broken, or decayed, tooth-colored fillings may offer the following benefits:

  • Improved appearance of smile
  • Improved oral health
  • Natural look-and-feel
  • Durable and long-lasting

If you are interested in tooth-colored fillings, our dental experts at Ralph Avenue Dental Care are here to provide you with trusted and affordable dental care. Here at our health-centered dentistry, we place a strong emphasis on getting to know each patient, as well as utilizing the most advanced technology and procedures in order to provide our patients with high-quality dental care. To learn more about tooth-colored fillings, call 718.531.0300 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.